IRA Hunger Strikers -Wormwood scrubs

By John O’Driscoll:



wormwoods scrubs


 I added Prison numbers

to the names I had on record.

There were about 20 other internees in Cornwallis Infirmary which really              was a Workhouse..

The other Infirmary Hospitals used were Marylebonr -Ladbroke Grove ,
St James’ Wandsworth, St Mary’s Highgate,Metropolitan Hospital.
More Internees wer discharged direct without medical attention in the
clothes they came in and without rail passes etc.,
(courtesey Cork Archives)
wormswoods scrubs IRA
IRA Hungerstrikers
(courtesey Cork Archives)
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P1470184 (2)
wormwoodscrubs govt report
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  1. Mike Healy
    Mike Healy says:

    Seeking information on my uncle, Daniel Healy,Tralee, who participated in the Wormwood Scrubs Hunger Strike during April/May 1920. He was one of a group of prisoners transferred to Wormwood Scrubs from Belfast Jail in late April 1920,. While in Belfast, he was elected O/C of the prisoners and led the hunger strike there before being transferred to Wormwood scrubs.

  2. Mike, Brendan O'Neill
    Mike, Brendan O'Neill says:

    Mike, I have an original autograph book from Cornwallis Prison Hospital. There are 46 entries with one man entering twice. Presently, I am doing a bit of work on the story and am trying to chase down any descendants, including relations of my 1st. cousin’s. Hard going. 11 of those named in the top picture are included in my book so that with my net figure of 45 there are, at least, over 30 more who had been imprisoned in Wormwood Scrubbs before being transferred to Cornwallis.

  3. Jerry Ryan
    Jerry Ryan says:

    Dear Mr. O’Driscoll,
    My grandad, Cllr. Frank Glasgow (Fianna Fail) R.I.P., was Mayor of Limerick in Dec. 1961.

    As a teenager, he was a member of Fianna Eireann, (Mid – Limerick Brigade).

    At some point, grandad was captured & interned/imprisoned in Wormwood Scrubs Prison.
    (Whilst his obituary says Wandsworth Prison, my Mom is sure that it was the “Scrubs”)

    He too was on hunger strike, (for ~3+ weeks?), before his release.
    I have no detailed information pertaining to his age, charges against him, (other than the generic charge of the day i.e. “Treason to the Crown”), duration, reason & date of release, etc.

    Given that the 100th Anniversary of these events are on the horizon, & the fact that family memories are fading, I can only hope that someone has some info to share with me about “My Hero” !!!???

    Some of grandad’s post – prison activities vis-a-vis his tireless dedication to the Gaelic Revival & Civil Service include:
    (A) Executive Member; Gaelic League,
    (B) President; Clann na h-Eireann,
    (Now defunct)
    (C) Chairman: Limerick City Art Gallery
    (In fact, he was an active member of 46 Irish Organizations when he died on Jan. 30th 1973 !!!

    He spoke Gaelic fluently, & was known to many by his Irish “anim”, Pronsias MacGiolla Losgaid(h).

    I would be eternally grateful for any information that would help to fill in the many blanks of his earlier service to his country.

    Jerry Ryan
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

  4. John O'Driscoll
    John O'Driscoll says:

    Your grandfather could possibly have been released from Wormwood Scrubs having been “Interned”
    D O R A ie. Offences Against the State Act.(Dec 1919 to June 1920. A number of internees were sent to St James’s Infirmary, Wandsworth to recover and made their way home from there with the help of supporters.
    the Irish independent and Fremans Journal around May to June 1920 listed the names of internees sent to the Infirmaries ( Work Houses).
    I researched these and a Wormwood scrubs Prison register while tracing my Fathers (Sean/John Driscoll and his brother Jeremiah /Jerry ) internment and will search my records for Frank Galway . One of the big problems i had was the names used during the Internment.
    You can use my e-mail address

  5. John O'Driscoll
    John O'Driscoll says:

    Brendan i have a photograph of internees released from Cornwallis with an acompanying lis of names,
    already posted here.
    let me know if I can help.
    John O’Driscoll

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