IRA Volunteers Fermoy or Kilworth.

I am researching my grandfather Mick Greehy, Paddy Greehy and Johnny(jack) Greehy . I have two black an tan medals I got from my grandmother several years ago but she never told me who the were awarded to. I have heard that Mick and Jack greehy were in the IRA but i have no proof. There was a company in Fermoy under Bill Power and then Liam Lynch, there was also a company in Araglin/Kilworth. Is there anyway I acn get lists if members from1919-22.
Your’s Sincerely
Michael Kearney.
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  1. Neil Donovan
    Neil Donovan says:

    I’d have the majority of the ‘Fermoy’ Flying Column names and quite a few of the Fermoy Company names and all of the Araglin Company names. Where were the Greehy’s from

  2. mike kearney
    mike kearney says:

    hi Neil, it’s great to hear from someone with some info, the greehys were from Araglin/Kilworth, they all would have been of age to be members of the 1st batt, my grandfather mick then moved to fermoy and opened a hardware store at the bottom of walker’s hill and my parents subsequently had a supermarket there, i have gotten some info from Paudie McGrath and from Bill Hammond’s book ” soldier f the reargard”, I would be forever in your debt if you could email me some of the lists you have and how you found them!!! as i have been pulling my hair out looking and waiting for responses from the irish army pensions bureau and military archives. i have done quite a bit of research into the WOI and from 1913 up until 1923, However this is very personal to me as my son also is very interested in the medals and I would love to be able to tell him who they were awarded to.
    hoping you can help.
    Mike kearney

  3. mike kearney
    mike kearney says:

    still trying to find info on the kilworth/araglin coy, neil donovan above answered me previously but is there anyway the site can send me his email address so i could email him directly,or could the site email him for me as he hasn’t probably signed on in awhile

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