William Oman, Irish Citizen Army, Information required

I am currently researching the role my family played between the Easter Rising and the end of the Civil War. My great-grandfather was William Oman, Irish Citizen Army. He played ‘The Last Post’ after Pearse’s speech at the funeral of O’Donovan Rossa and sounded the ‘Fall-In’ at Liberty Hall on Easter Monday Morning 1916. He went on to fight in with the City Hall Garrison, Jacob’s Factory Garrison and College of Surgeon’s Garrison. He was in ‘G’ Company 1st Battalion, Dublin IRA. I have his witness statement from the MIlitary Archives. His brother George was also in the I.C.A and was in the G.P.O/Imperial Hotel area for the Rising. Their uncle Robert ‘Bob’ Oman was in the Four Courts area for the Rising and was a Captain in the IRA in the same company as William during the War of Independence. Have you ever come across any information on these three individuals? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. anthony oman
    anthony oman says:

    Hello Niall , they are my grandads brothers I also have a copy of the witness statement. My grandad was called Michael Oman and was a bit younger than William but was also in the IRA. I have some info on him (my grandad) such as writen stories of his time in the IRA and medal certs from dept for defence and a letter from his commander from Dublin battalion.

  2. Niall Oman
    Niall Oman says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Great to hear from another relative. I have seen your grandad mentioned in one of the witness statements. Would love to hear about any info you have on the family’s involvement in that period of Irish history. Feel free to email me whenever you get a chance, niall.oman@gmail.com

  3. Patricia Williams
    Patricia Williams says:

    Hello Naill,

    My granddad was George Oman, my Uncle Tom has his medals from this period. I am working on my family tree and would appreciate any information you are to provide.

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